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The police again report on the Red, Yellow and Blue kindergarten.


The announcement of the Chaoyang Public Security Bureau is as follows:

Upon investigation by the public security organs, Chaoyang District, Red Yellow Blue, Xintiandi kindergarten teacher Liu xxx (female, 22 years old, of Hebei province) was found to have used pricks with a sewing needle to 'discipline' some children who did not go to sleep at the right time. Liu xxxx has been taken into criminal custody on suspicion of criminal abuse of persons under her care.

There were 78 teachers and staff at the kindergarten involved, including 8 men, but they were never alone with with children during work. Upon expert consultation, a third-party forensic examination center's physical examinations of involved girls at the request of the parents found no abnormalities. There are strict rules for children taking medicine while at school; parents must fill in the name, timing, and dosages for the medicine, and then give them to the health care doctors in the kindergarten.

Damage was found to the hard disk which stores video from the surveillance equipment in the relevant class. After technical inspection by a professional company, it was found to have been caused by forced power outages. Through investigation, it was found that custodian Zhao (female, 45 years old, of Henan province, living in the monitoring room) found that the surveillance equipment was noisy, and often cut power to the equipment after school. Through work of the work of the evaluations department, about 113 hours of video have been recovered, and no one has been found to be harming the children.

As to the stories circulating online about the kindergarten's "group child molestation" and other such content, upon investigation, it has been found to have been fabricated and spread by 2 persons: Liu X (female, 31 years old, of Beijing ) and Li x (female, 29 years old, of Hebei province) . Liu X has already been taken into administrative detention for fabricating facts to disrupt public order; and Li XX was given criticism and education by the public security departments and publicly apologized via Weibo on November 26.

In response to a television station report on November 23 that a child was fed a pill in the kindergarten, after verification, Gou X (male, 28-year-old, of Sichuan Province), the parent of a child, admitted that the child was not being fed pills at the kindergarten, the video content was of them taking family members' pills at home, using leading language to question the child, and then sending the video to the kindergarten parents' Wechat group. Reporter Liu X (male, 36 years old, of Beijing) from the relevant television station, directly downloaded it from online and transmitted it without first verifying it by interview.

In response to the story of a girl's parent named Zhao XX (female, 31-year-old, from Heilongjiang) about 'grandpa and uncle doctors' naked physical examinations' of girls; following investigation, Zhao has admitted it was fabricated and was willing to publicly clear up the matter and make a public apology.

The public security organs are currently taking further steps in this case. The public security organs will look thoroughly investigate and resolutely punish alleged illegal and criminal harms to minors, in accordance with law. At the same time, they appeal to the public to approach information on the Internet rationally. The public security organs will strictly handle intentional fabrication and dissemination of rumors.

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