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Tianjin Municipal Implementation Plan for Strengthening the Establishment of the Personal Creditworthiness System



The people's governments of all areas, each commission, bureau, and each subordinate unit:

With the approval of the municipal people's government, the "Tianjin Municipal Implementation Plan for Strengthening the Establishment of the Personal Creditworthiness System" is hereby released to you, please earnestly enforce it.

Tianjin Municipal People's Government General Office


Tianjin Municipal Implementation Plan for Strengthening the Establishment of the Personal Creditworthiness System

The following Implementation Plan is hereby put forward so as to implement the spirit of the "Guiding Opinion by the General Office of the State Council on Strengthening the Establishment of the Personal Creditworthiness System" (Guobanfa (2016) No. 98), and in accordance with the "Notice on division of labor for key tasks and schedule arrangements for the State Council's Guiding Opinion by the General Office of the State Council on Strengthening the Establishment of the Personal Creditworthiness System" (FagaiBanTsaiJin (2017) 333) issued by the National Development and Reform Commission General Offices' to accelerate the advancement of the establishment of our city's personal creditworthiness system, to commend the traditional virtue of creditworthiness, create a positive credit environment, and punish untrustworthiness, to raise the the whole society's awareness of creditworthiness and credit levels, and to create a positive credit environment.

I. General Requirements

1. Guiding Concepts: 全面贯彻党的十八大和十八届三中、四中、五中、六中全会精神,深入贯彻习近平总书记系列重要讲话精神和对天津工作“三个着力”重要要求,认真落实党中央、国务院决策部署,按照市第十一次党代会部署和市委、市政府关于“信用天津”建设的要求,以培育和践行社会主义核心价值观为根本,大力弘扬诚信文化,加快我市个人诚信记录建设,完善个人信息安全、隐私保护与信用修复机制,健全守信激励与失信惩戒机制,使守信者受益、失信者受限,让诚信成为全社会共同的价值追求和行为准则,为全面建成高质量小康社会、建设社会主义现代化大都市提供有力保障。

(2) Basic principles.

First is government promotion and joint construction with society. Fully put into play the government's role in organizing, guiding, promoting, and modeling roles in the establishment of the personal creditworthiness system. Regulate development of the credit market, encourage and modulate broad participation of social forces, jointly advancing, and forming a combined force for the construction of the personal creditworthiness system.

Second is completing the legal system, standardizing development. Complete systems of laws, regulations, and rules, and regular standards, to strictly protect personal privacy and information security.

Third is comprehensive advancement with breakthroughs in key areas. Promote the establishment of mechanisms for personal creditworthiness records in all regions and industries, with key fields and key groups of people as the opening for breakthroughs. Rely on the public credit information sharing platform, the Basic Financial Credit Information Databases and personal credit appraisal establishments to separately bring about the recording, aggregating, processing, and application of personal public credit information and personal credit reporting information.

Fourth is strengthening application, and joint rewards and punishments. Actively cultivate public credit information product application markets, spread the social applications of personal public credit information, and broaden the scope of applications. Establish and complete mechanisms for joint rewards and punishments of personal creditworthiness, increasing incentives for personal trustworthiness and the degree of punishment for untrustworthiness.

(3) Work objectives.

个人信用信息系统建立并完善。 到2018年底,天津市信用信息共享交换系统实现个人公共信用信息归集、处理和应用,相关功能进一步完善。 金融信用信息基础数据库的个人征信信息得到更好应用。

重点人群信用记录全覆盖。 公务员等16类重点人群信用记录建设全面推进,部门工作责任进一步压实,逐步实现个人信用记录全面归集。

个人信用环境进一步优化。 通过长期持续推进,人人讲诚信成为全社会共同的价值追求和行为准则,“守信光荣、失信可耻”的良好社会氛围和向上向善、诚信互助的社会风尚基本形成。

II. Key Tasks

(1) Strengthening education on personal creditworthiness.

1. Forcefully carry forward a culture of creditworthiness. Put the construction of a culture of creditworthiness in a prominent position, cultivate and practice the socialist core values. Forcefully spread credit awareness, implement a citizens' code of creditworthiness, and have creditworthiness education run through the entire process of establishing citizen's morality and building a spiritual civilization. Strengthen education on social morality, professional ethics, family virtues, and personal morality, building a social atmosphere where "the trustworthy are proud, the untrustworthy are ashamed, and those without credit are concerned. (市委宣传部、市精神文明建设委员会办公室等有关部门按职责分工分别负责;2017年12月底前完成)

2. Carry out widespread publicity on creditworthiness. Take Spring Festival, International Consumer Rights Day, Labor Day, Children's Day, Online Credit Publicity Day, the National Day of Credit Concern, Credit Worthiness for Prosperity Publicity Month, National Day, National Constitution Day intellectual property rights publicity week, , and bringing credit purchasing to the masses, together with other important times and holidays and important activities and legally prescribed holidays, to thoroughly carry out special publicity activities on creditworthiness;emphasize strengthening creditworthiness education and publicity for youth, concentrating publicity on the concept of creditworthiness, credit policies and regulations, credit knowledge, and typical cases, for young persons. 融合中华传统诚信文化与时代价值观,制作题材多样、表现活泼的系列诚信文艺作品、公益广告,拍摄贴近大众生活、群众喜闻乐见的影视片,丰富诚信宣传载体,借助互联网等新媒体宣传模式,提升诚信宣传水平。 (市委宣传部、团市委、市市场监管委、市委网信办、人民银行天津分行、市商务委、市司法局等有关部门,各区人民政府按职责分工分别负责;持续推进)

3.Actively introduce models of creditworthiness. Vigorously uncover and publicize administrative counterparts, models of morality, exceptional volunteers, and other examples of creditworthiness selected by relevant departments and social organizations, making it so that the entire society has role-models and something to strive for. 组织“信用天津”网站和各区、各部门门户网站开设网络诚信专栏,宣传推广各类诚信典型、诚信事迹。 Put forward a group of high-quality, online cultural works on creditworthiness, strengthen warning education through cases of online untrustworthiness. 进一步完善联合奖惩典型案例报送机制,选取具有代表性、示范性的典型案例在“信用中国”、“信用天津”网站公示,定期更新。 (市委宣传部、市精神文明建设委员会办公室、市委网信办等有关部门,各区人民政府按职责分工分别负责;2018年12月底前完成)

4. Comprehensively strengthen creditworthiness education in schools. Increase content educational content on creditworthiness in basic, higher, vocational, and adult education, and other relevant courses and education. 支持有条件的高校院所开设信用管理相关专业及社会信用领域相关课程。 举办高校诚信知识竞赛活动。 Rely on the school registration system to collect Public Credit Information during their enrollment, establishing and completing archives on the creditworthiness of adult students 18 years old or older, promoting making students' personal creditworthiness an important measure in their advancement, graduation, assessments and recognitions, issuance of scholarships, evaluations, recommendations and other such situations. Untrustworthy acts such as cheating on tests, academic fraud, not performing on promises to return financial assistance loans, or fabricating employment materials, are to be met with education, and the relevant information entered into their personal credit archive in accordance with laws and regulations. (市教委负责;持续推进)

5. Widely carry out credit education and training. Increase the extent of training for persons working in credit, enriching knowledge of credit, and raising the level of credit management. 推动各类社会组织和企业建立信用管理和教育制度,组织社会组织在登记、变更信息时填写社会组织自律承诺书,开展信用知识培训活动,培育企业信用文化。 Organize the drafting of texts and picture books on credit knowledge issued to government departments, market entities, schools, and the public, spreading credit knowledge . (市发展改革委、市民政局按职责分工分别负责;持续推进)

(2) Accelerate the establishment of personal creditworthiness records.

1. Promote the improvement of personal real-name registration systems. In accordance with the unified national deployment and with the citizen identification number system as its foundation, advance the establishment of a uniform social credit number system. Strengthen the collection and updating of resident identification information, promote efforts to register fingerprint information on resident identity cards, and bring about full coverage of citizens' uniform social credit numbers. Regulate the use of identification information, strengthening sharing of basic personal information. Utilize information technology methods to strengthen supervision and management of registered resident citizens' identification information, ensuring uniqueness of personal identity distinguishing information. Follow laws and regulations to determine the scope of implementation for real-name identification systems, and fully implement the establishment of real-name registration systems using the transportation, transport of hazardous materials, internet, mail and couriers, telecommunications, financial accounts, employment and social security, and other such areas as the focus, so as to accurately collect personal Public Credit Information and create a foundation for joint rewards and punishments. (市公安局、市发展改革委、市委网信办、市交通运输委、人民银行天津分行等有关部门按职责分工分别负责;持续推进)

2. Establish personal creditworthiness records in key fields. 按照国家统一部署,以食品药品、安全生产、消防安全、交通安全、环境保护、生物安全、产品质量、税收缴纳、医疗卫生、劳动保障、工程建设、金融服务、知识产权、司法诉讼、电子商务、志愿服务等领域为重点,以公务员、企业法定代表人及相关责任人、律师、教师、医师、执业药师、评估师、税务师、注册消防工程师、注册建筑师、会计审计人员、房地产中介从业人员、认证人员、金融从业人员、导游、专利代理人等职业人群为主要对象,各有关部门要明确本系统、本领域重点人群诚信记录内容,规范信用信息的采集、审核、录入、更新、备案、修复程序,建立健全相关人员诚信档案,指定专人负责信用信息归集、报送工作,确保信息真实准确,实现信息动态更新,并及时推送至信用信息共享交换系统,实现个人公共信用信息的共享交换。 Support the Basic Financial Credit Information Databases and personal credit appraisal establishments to lawfully develop personal credit reporting information aggregation and services in key fields. Encourage industry associations, and other industry organizations in establishing and completing member credit archives, and send relevant information to the credit information sharing and exchange platforms. (市市场监管委、市安全监管局、市公安局、市环保局、市地税局、市卫生计生委、市建委、市财政局、市金融局、市知识产权局、市司法局、市委网信办、市发展改革委、市商务委、市民政局、团市委、市公务员局、市教委、市旅游局、市国土房管局、人民银行天津分行等有关部门按职责分工分别负责;持续推进)

(3) Improve the mechanisms for personal information security, privacy protection, and credit restoration.

1. Protect the security of personal information. 建立健全并严格执行个人信息记录、归集、交换、使用、安全保障等制度,明确个人信息在各环节的管理流程和要求,做好数据库安全防护工作,防止信息泄露。 Strictly follow the relevant laws and regulations to increase the degree of oversight and management of credit appraisal establishments, to ensure that personal credit appraisal businesses are developed up to code, safeguard the lawful rights and interests of information entities. 按照国家统一部署,建立征信机构及其从业人员信用档案和违规经营“黑名单”制度。 (人民银行天津分行、市发展改革委按职责分工分别负责;2017年12月底前完成)

2. Strengthening Protections of Privacy. Personal public credit information must not be collected except by authorization of laws and regulations. Increase the extent of investigation and handling of acts such as the disclosure, alteration, destruction, sale or illegal provision to other of personal information. Implement key supervision and control of financial institutions, credit reporting establishments, internet enterprises, big data companies, and mobile application program development enterprises; regulating their collection, provision, use of personal information. (人民银行天津分行、市委网信办、市市场监管委按职责分工分别负责;持续推进)

3. Establish mechanisms for restoring credit. 落实数据报送主体责任,按照“谁认定,谁修复”的原则,开展个人公共信用信息纠错、修复及异议处理、行政复议等工作。 行政相对人认为行政机关公示涉及自身的信用信息不准确的,可以向归集信用信息的市级行政机关提出申诉,并提供相关证明材料。 按照相关法律法规和国家关于行政许可和行政处罚等信用信息公示工作的有关要求,明确各类公共信用信息展示期限,不再展示使用超过期限的公共信用信息。 畅通信用修复渠道,丰富信用修复方式,利用教育培训、强化指导等手段,鼓励有失信行为的个人通过事后主动履约、申请延期、自主解释等方式减少失信损失,通过按时履约、志愿服务、慈善捐助等方式修复信用,重塑诚信形象。 (市发展改革委、人民银行天津分行等有关部门按职责分工分别负责;2018年12月底前完成)

(4) Standardize the sharing and usage of personal creditworthiness information.

1. Promote sharing of personal public credit information. 制定全市统一的个人公共信用信息目录、分类标准和共享交换规范,各责任部门按目录要求将记录的个人公共信用信息推送至信用信息共享交换系统。 依托信用信息共享交换系统,建立个人公共信用信息数据库,实现个人公共信用信息电子化存储。 完善信用信息共享交换系统与国家信用信息共享平台的信用信息共享交换,建立我市个人公共信用信息跨区、跨部门、跨行业的互联互通互查机制。 (市发展改革委、人民银行天津分行等有关部门按职责分工分别负责;2018年12月底前完成)

2. Actively carry out personal Public Credit Information services. Promptly provide society with authorized public credit information inquiry services in accordance with laws and regulations. Explore mechanisms for categorical management based on personal public credit information and credibility score management. 研究建立个人公共信用信息与金融信用信息基础数据库的共享关系,依法向个人征信机构提供服务。 (市发展改革委、人民银行天津分行按职责分工分别负责;2018年12月底前完成)

(5) Improving the mechanism for rewarding personal trustworthiness and punishing untrustworthiness

1. Provide greater services and facilitation to those individuals with positive credit. Establish good credit records for administrative counterparts with good credit circumstances, models of creditworthiness and moralilty, and exceptional volunteers that are identified through relevant departments and social organizations' implementation of categorical credit management; creditworthy members recommended by industry associations and chambers of commerce; as well as and creditworthy entities uncovered by news media; be put up as exemplars of creditworthiness and so forth. 优先建立以优秀青年志愿者为主体的守信青年“红名单”,各区、各部门要创新守信激励措施,对具有优良信用记录的个人,在教育服务和管理、就业创业服务、社会保障服务、融资租赁服务、文化生活服务、评优树先等领域给予守信者正向激励,提供更多便利服务。 行政审批部门依据权力清单和责任清单,在办理行政许可过程中,对具有优良信用记录的个人和连续三年以上无不良信用记录的行政相对人,可依法采取相关便利服务措施。 Encourage social establishments to lawfully use credit reporting products, and give preferential treatment and facilitation to individuals with good credit records, making it so that the trustworthy obtain greater opportunities and benefits in the marketplace. (各区人民政府、团市委、市教委、市发展改革委、市审批办、市民政局、人民银行天津分行等有关部门按职责分工分别负责;2018年12月底前完成)

2. Carry out joint disciplinary action against seriously untrustworthy persons in key industries . Strengthen the identification, delineation of levels, and categorical supervision and management of untrustworthy conduct. Employ joint disciplinary action measures in accordance with laws and regulations against personal acts of untrustworthiness such as those that seriously endanger the public's safety in their health and lives, those that seriously undermine the order of fair market competition and social justice, refusals to perform legally prescribed obligations seriously influencing judicial and administrative organs credibility, as well as refusals to perform national defense obligations. List seriously untrustworthy individuals such as malicious debt evaders, illegal fundraisers, telecommunications and network defrauders, traffic violators, and those that do not pay taxes in accordance with law, as key targets for supervision, relying on the credit information sharing and exchange system, and employing administrative constraint and punishment measures in accordance with laws and regulations. Encourage making individual's records of serious untrustworthiness in market activities produced by personal credit appraisal establishments, delivered to the credit information sharing and exchange system, and being a consideration in carrying out punitive measures. 推动落实加快推进失信被执行人信用监督、警示和惩戒机制建设的实施意见,依托天津市联合监管系统,对自然人失信被执行人开展联合惩戒。 (市发展改革委、人民银行天津分行、市委网信办、市市场监管委、市金融局、市公安局、市地税局、市高法院等有关部门按职责分工分别负责;2017年12月底前完成)

3. Promote the formation of market and social constraints and punishments. 建立健全个人严重失信行为披露、曝光与举报制度。 依托各区、各部门门户网站,依法向社会公开披露各区、各部门掌握的个人严重失信信息,并及时推送至“信用天津”网站集中公示。 Encourage market entities to provide differentiated services to seriously untrustworthy individuals. 支持征信机构采集个人严重失信行为信息,纳入信用记录和信用报告。 (市发展改革委、人民银行天津分行、市市场监管委等有关部门,各区人民政府按职责分工分别负责;2017年12月底前完成)

III. Organization Safeguards

(1) Strengthen Organizational Leadership. 充分发挥天津市社会信用体系建设工作推动机制作用,社会信用体系建设牵头部门要加强统筹协调和督促落实。 各区、各部门是本地区、本领域个人诚信体系建设工作第一责任主体,要加强组织领导,认真抓好贯彻落实。 (市发展改革委、人民银行天津分行牵头,各区人民政府、各部门参加)

(2) Strengthen System Regulation. 社会信用体系建设牵头部门要建立、完善个人诚信体系建设制度规范,制定信息归集使用、信息安全、权益保护、修复机制等实施细则。 (市发展改革委牵头,各有关单位参加)

(3) Expand the extent of monetary support. Strengthen financial safeguards for the establishment of social credit system, and actively provide financial support for the organization efforts on the construction of an personal creditworthiness system. Expand the extent of financial support on all sides such as for establishment of personal public credit information databases, application of information, publicity and education, and cultivation of talent. (市财政局牵头,各有关单位参加)

(4) Clarify work responsibility. 各区、各部门要明确目标、强化措施,落实主体责任,认真组织实施,抓紧制定细化具体措施,明确时间表、路线图、责任人,确保工作有力有效开展。 (市发展改革委、人民银行天津分行牵头,各区人民政府、各部门参加)

(5) Strengthen supervision and inspections. 各区、各部门要按照本实施方案,建立健全常态长效机制,以高效务实的工作作风狠抓落实。 社会信用体系建设牵头部门要加强督促考核,每年年初要对各区、各部门上一年度工作进展情况开展专项督查,检查结果上报市人民政府。 对不执行工作分工、不落实工作责任、工作成效不明显,推诿扯皮、工作不力,造成严重后果和不良影响的,要坚决追责问责。 (市发展改革委、人民银行天津分行牵头,各区人民政府、各部门参加)

(6) Increase the force of publicity 社会信用体系建设牵头部门要及时归集、整理各区、各部门在个人诚信体系建设方面的典型案例和成熟经验,在全市范围内推广,强化示范引领作用。 各区、各部门要充分利用报刊、电视、互联网等各种新闻媒体,加强个人诚信体系建设政策宣传,营造良好诚信环境。 (市发展改革委、人民银行天津分行牵头,各区人民政府、各部门参加)


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