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Posts published in “Criminal Law”

A collection of documents related to criminal law and procedure. Those with images have completed translations and others may be close.

SPC, SPP, MPS, MSS, MoJ, and the Legislative Affairs Commission of the NPCSC Regulation on Several Questions Concerning the Implementation of the CPL

最高人民法院、最高人民检察院、公安部、国家安全部、司法部、全国人大常委会法制工作委员会关于实施刑事诉讼法若干问题的规定 一、管 辖 1.公安机关侦查刑事案件涉及人民检察院管辖的贪污贿赂案件时,应当将贪污贿赂案件移送人民检察院;人民检察院侦查贪污贿赂案件涉及公安机关管辖的刑事案件,应当[……] Read more