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Wanted by the Ministry of Public Security: Ten Major Theft, Robbery, and fraud suspects

The public security organs hope that all areas of society and the general public will provide leads, report and uncover unlawful and criminal activities such as theft, robbery, and fraud. Where such situations are discovered, please call 110 in a timely manner to make a report. The public security organs will reward informants that provide leads as well as those who play a role in uncovering such situations.

The criminal suspects are exclusively male, and 5 out of 10 belong to ethnic minorities. The public security organs have not yet provided information on the specific conduct is suspect is alleged to have committed.

d43d7ecb6d0519bf7c2320Yin Qunseng, Male, ethnic Han, born August 12, 1985. Household registry: Hebei Province, Shaoyang County, Liuchuxiangdongyin village, district 2, No. 21. ID Number: 131124198508122256.d43d7ecb6d0519bf7c2a21Yin Qunwei, Male, ethnic Han, born March 17, 1987. Household registry: Hebei Province, Shaoyang County, Liuchuxiangdongyin village, district 2, No. 66. ID Number: 131124198703172232.
d43d7ecb6d0519bf7c3022Jike'erqu, Male, ethnic Yi, born August 26, 1982. Household registry: Sichuan Province, Liangshanzhou Meigu County, Wangu, Ganluovillage, Group 2, No. 9. ID Number: 513436198208262817d43d7ecb6d0519bf7c3823Wei Haien, Male, Ethnic Zhuang, born February 8, 1991. Household registry: Guanxi, Wuxuan county, Tongling Township Helu Villagers Committee, Silu village, No. 192. ID Number: 452225199102082110.
d43d7ecb6d0519bf7c3f24Shama Anian, Male, Ethnic Yi, born December 4, 1994. Household residency: Sichuan Province, Zhaojue County, Zhaotieluogu, Lowhuo Village, Yue'er Community No. 8. ID Number: 513431199412043016d43d7ecb6d0519bf7c8325Zhu Yanhui, Male, ethnic Han, born November 17, 1982. Household registry: Anhui Province, Fuyang City, Yingzhou District, Yuan Town, Yuan village, No. 1008. ID Number: 341204198211170432.
d43d7ecb6d0519bf7c8926Tian Zhengfeng, Male, ethnic Tujia, born March 15, 1983. Household Registry: Hunan Province, Yongshun County, Ha town, Nazhu Village, Group 2, No. 92. ID Number: 433127198303151012.d43d7ecb6d0519bf7c9127Huang Aimin, Male, ethnic Han, born April 18, 1969. Household registry: Hunan Province, Yongshun County, HuilongTown, Mao Village, Hill group. ID Number: 433127196904189017.
d43d7ecb6d0519bf7c9a28Luo Duofengjie, Male, ethnic Tibetan, born October 2, 1988. Household residency: Sichuan Province, Ganmusexidi Town, Tangmaier village. ID Number: 513328198810021279.d43d7ecb6d0519bf7ca229Hao Xing, Male, ethnic Han, born July 20, 1982. Household registry: Shaanxi Province, Tongchuan City, Wangyi District, Hongqi Street, Xiangfang alley, ShengLi Resident Committee, No. 112. ID Number: 610202198207200039.


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