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Wen Zhou Official dies suddenly while under ‘double designation’

【更新, 2013年9月17日】:讯问人员被起诉,被害人家属委托的律师 被强制离开法庭。 【英】



Yesterday after 3 o'clock in the morning, Chief Engineer and Party Committee member of the Wenzhou Municipal Industrial Investment Group LLC, Yu Qiyi, who was under the "double designations", passed away. The deceased's family provided photographs showing many red marks across the deceased's entire body, and family members suspect the deceased was physically interrogated and beaten. Wenzhou Procuratorate said in a news release that Yu Qiyi was sent to the hospital after an accident, but that he died after emergency rescue efforts failed and the Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee has already formed a special case group to investigate the matter.

Chief Engineer

Dead 38 days after being taken by the disciplinary committee

At 3:15 A.M. yesterday, Yu Qiyi, the chief engineer of the Wenzhou Municipal Industrial Investment Group LLC and a member of its party committee, who had been place under the 'double designations' by the Wenzhou municipal disciplinary committee, was pronounced dead by doctors and the Western and Chinese Medicine Hospital.

Ms Wu, the deceased Yu Qiyi's wife, choked back tears as she was interviewed last night. She said that yesterday at around 2:00 A.M, she received a notification from an employee of the Wenzhou Municipal Industrial Investment Group Discipline Committee Department, and hurried to the Wenzhou Western and Chinese Medicine Hospital to visit Yu Qiyi; "He was covered in wounds and unrecognizably thin." Just as the doctor was attempting to save him, he told me that when (Yu Qiyi was) brought in, he was already dying. Ms. Wu said that the doctor told her Yu Qiyi was brought to the hospital after 11:00 on the previous night; "The doctor didn't clearly say what was wrong with him, only saying during the emergency procedures, that there were problems with every vital sign." At 3:15 A.M, the doctor announced that emergency procedures had failed and Yu Qiyi was dead.

Ms. Wu explained that Yu Qiyi was 41 years-old this year, and in August of last year had begun an adjunct training post at the State Council State-owned Assests Supervision and Administration Commission board of supervisors. Shortly after 8:00 PM on March 1 of this year, Yu Qiyi was returning to Wenzhou from Beijing, "that night at 9:00 P.M., a friend with a securities company told me that the disciplinary committee was reviewing Yu Qiyi's stock accounts; I thought it was strange as we hadn't played the stock market for years. But Yu Qiyi was on the plane and I couldn't reach him." At 10:40, Yu Qiyi's flight arrived in Wenzhou, and at that time, Ms. Wu was already waiting at the airport; but Yu Qiyi told her over the phone that a friend would pick him up, "Another person on the phone told me to go back first, and I hadn't seen him since."

Ms. Wu never imagined that the next time she saw him would be 38 days later, and that what she would see was his bruise-covered remains.


Say the body was forcibly delivered to a funeral home

Ms. Wu said that that night, the procuratorate's anti-corruption department began an investigation; the hospital , procuratorate and deceased's family jointly oversaw the sealing of the medical records. Family members say that the medical records showed that when Yu Qiyi was first brought to the hospital, the initial diagnosis was near drowning.

The family said they hoped the procurators could help them find disciplinary committee personnel to come forth and explain the situation, but the procurators say they can't easily pass on the information and at the same time requested that family members have the remains brought to the funeral home as quickly as possible. After the family refused, at around 4:00 AM, more than 20 people in special police uniforms arrived and firmly had (Yu Qiyi) shipped to the funeral home.

Request that a third party participate in the investigation

Yesterday at 8:00 in the morning, the Wenzhou Municipal Disciplinary Committee sent someone to offer condolences to the deceased's family. In the afternoon, the procuratorate's personnel also found Ms. Wu to learn more about the situation. Ms. Wu said that she has already requested that the Wenzhou Municipal Disciplanary Committee and Procuratorate personnel, thoroughly investigate the cause of Yu QIyi's death; "Why would they wait until it's already too late before taking someone to the hospital? Why would they insist on taking him to the Western and Chinese medicine hospital which was very far and isn't very good?" Family members request that a third party examination organization from outside the province participate in Yu Qiyi's autopsy and are preparing to hire an expert in post-mortem examinations and a lawyer and to participate in the investigation of this matter.

The Officials Response

The Municipal Party Committee has Formed a special investigation team

Yesterday, the deputy secretary of the Wenzhou municipal disciplinary committee, Xu Yongmin, told reporters, "The city party committee's investigation unit is currently in the process of investigating and there are still no conclusions at this time."

The Wenzhou procurator's office said in a news release, that on the evening of April 8, 2013, at 10:00 P.M., Yu Qiyi, the chief engineer of the Wenzhou Municipal Industrial Investment Group LLC and a member of its party committee, who had been place under the 'double designations' by the Wenzhou municipal disciplinary committee, was brought to the Western and Chinese Medicine Hospital as the result of an unexpected condition, but that emergency measures were ineffective and he died on the 9th, at 3:15 in the morning. The city of Wenzhou is paying close attention, and has already formed a special unit to carry out investigation. The relevant circumstances will be promptly announced to the public.

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