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Posts published in “CLT Originals”

Original articles on Chinese law written by the CLT Community

Social Credit 2022: Public Credit Information Catalogs 0 (0)

Foreign interest in China’s social credit system often focuses on the vast quantities of information it is imagined to process. The global adoption of[……] Read more

Notes on “Release on Guarantee” 0 (0)

Quick notes on pretrial release and the new rules of Release on Guarantee

Quicktake: Softpower and cultural exports 0 (0)

Jointly released by 27 government departments, a new policy roadmap for increasing China's cultural exports unabashedly seeks to generate soft power, increase interest in Chinese cultural symbols, and establish China as a global cultural power.

A closer look at new rules for domestic violence protection orders 0 (0)

What's really new in the courts new protection order measures?

Using cases to guide public opinion 0 (0)

How Chinese authorities plan for and address major cases that cause ripples in public opinion.

Procuratorate action in the first half of 2022, by the numbers 0 (0)

An overview of procuratorate work in the first half of 2022.