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Xinjiang notice of strike-hard campaign on terrorism


Notice Regarding Crackdown on Violent Terrorist Activities in Accordance with Law


The following special announcement is made on the basis of the Criminal Law of The People's Republic of China and other relevant laws so as to crackdown on violent terrorist activities in accordance with law, to protect citizens' security in their persons and property and to maintain public security and social order.

I. It is strictly prohibited to organize, lead or participate in a terrorist organization; it is strictly prohibited to carry out or incite the carrying out of violent terrorist activity; it is strictly prohibited to directly or indirectly, and by any means, fund, support or abet violent terrorist activity, terrorist organizations or personnel in terrorist activities.

II. It is strictly prohibited to make, sell, transport, transmit or reproduce propaganda works, mobile storage media, new format electronic works, identifiers or goods that have violent terrorist or extremist religious ideological content or to planning, carry out or incite the carrying out of criminal or unlawful extremist religious activities.

III. It is strictly prohibited to make, trade in, transport, store, ship, mail or carry firearms, gunpowder and other dangerous items such as flammable and explosive goods and controlled knives; it is strictly prohibited to impart or transmit techniques and methods for making guns and explosives.

IV. It is strictly prohibited to sneak across borders and boundaries or to organize, plan, incite, transport or coordinate others in sneaking across borders and boundaries.

V. Criminal offenders who violate the law and carry out the conduct described above who surrender and turn themselves in to police within 30 days of the release of this Notice will receive lenient dispositions.

Anyone who proactively surrenders and turns themselves in to the police during the period of this Notice, will have their punishment mitigated or commuted in accordance with law, those who both surrender themselves to the police and also make a major meritorious service will have their punishment commuted or waived in accordance with law.

VI. People of all ethnicities are encouraged and protected in reporting the unlawful and criminal activities described above, providing leads on unlawful or criminal activities, and mobilizing or urging criminal offenders who are on the run to surrender and turn themselves in. All reports that prove useful will be rewarded in accordance with relevant provisions and informants will be kept confidential and protected. Those who have knowledge they do not report or shelter, harbour or fund the unlawful or criminal elements described above, and those who assist unlawful or criminal elements in destroying or fabricating evidence, will be strictly prosecuted in accordance with law. Those who attack or seek revenge against one making a report or accusation will be severely punished in accordance with law.

VII. This notice takes effect upon its release.

Telephone for Reports:110

High People's Court for the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region

People's Procuratorate of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

Public Security Department of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region



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