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Xinjiang Wusu City Public Security Bureau Notice on Reporting and Revealing Underworld Forces

So as to fully implement the spirit of the CPC Central Committee and State Council's "Notice on Carrying Out the Special Crackdown on Clearing Away Organized Crime and Eliminating Vice", beginning today, the the national three-year crackdown on clearing away organized crime and eliminating vice is unveiled. In order to cement the achievements of peaceful construction in Xinjiang, and to realize the general goal of social stability and lasting peace and order, the masses of the people are requested to actively report and reveal leads on underworld forces with the following 12 characteristics to the public security organs:

(1) Criminal gangs that, under ethnic or religious 'banners', carry out market domination, disruption of village elections, illegal preaching, advocating extremist ideology, or religious extremist activities.

(2) "Black village officials" and evil religious forces disrupting the order of public security in villages, misappropriating villages' collective property, oppressing and harming the public; using methods such as "rigging elections through coercion, fraud, and bribery" to exclude outsiders, interfering with and undermining village basic-level elections, and propping up and controlling "village officials" as representatives, to protect the organization's interests and take a hold of village basic-level political power.

(3) Gangs, such as market bosses or industry bosses, that are entrenched in markets such as for commercial trade, wholesale agricultural subsidiary products, retail sales of small goods, and construction materials, that dominate markets, force sales, extort and blackmail, violently collect protection fees, guard fees, or entrance fees, and disrupt the normal order of business.

(4) Gangs that break the law and commit crimes in real estate development, mineral exploration. and construction projects, by illegal hiring, bringing together idle members of society, malicious bidding, violently bid rigging, illegally occupying land, strong arming projects, excessive mining, violent demolitions, and wantonly hitting the public;

(5) Underworld forces that strong arm projects, force creditor rights, maliciously bid, force trading, illegally monopolize business, collect protection fees, or undermine economic order.

(6) Gangs such as road bosses or goods bosses that control business transport routes, snag sources of passengers, illegally operate businesses, and violently suppress competitors.

(7) Evil force, such as those suspected of usury and illegal debt collection, where the public reaction is strong, as well as those employing violent methods to collect debts such as intentional harm, unlawful confinement, threats and intimidation; or 'debt-collection companies" , "underground police teams", and "professional troublemakers in medical disputes" meddling in economic disputes.

(8) Factional forces that gather in rural and urban areas or at their intersections to form cliques, pick quarrels, fight, take by force, play the tyrant, or undermine an aspect of the order of public security;

(9) Underworld forces that seriously undermine the social environment and endanger public security by engaging in organized criminal activities involving "pornography, gambling, drugs, or guns" in rural areas, suburbs, residential communities, or entertainment venues.

(10) 'Black guides' manipulate by underworld forces, and the forced sales, provocation [picking quarrels], blackmail and extortion, and other illegal and criminal activities that they lead to;

(11) Using high pay to entice and recruit mariners, carrying out fraud, blackmail and extortion, compelled labor, and other illegal and criminal activities;

(12) Leads on other violations and crimes involving organized crime and vice, in certain regions or industries, repeatedly employing methods such as violence, threats, or causing disturbances to carry out unlawful or criminal conduct.

The masses are welcome to proactively take action and report leads to the public security organs reporting and revealing the violations and crimes involving organized crime and vice that are describe above. The public security organs will strictly preserve confidentiality, and give rewards in accordance with relevant provisions as soon as they are verified; we will severely and heavily punish those that take revenge against informants; and those who harbor or abet violators and criminals or who make malicious report and frame others will be pursued for legal responsibility in accordance with law.

Reporting Method:0992-8506136

Contact Persons: Office Du: 13809921218 Office Zhang: 13899552122

At the same time, reporting of leads may be through the Wusu Municipal Committee political legal committee's official Wechat platform, "Peaceful and Happy Wusu" ["平安幸福乌苏"] (paxfws).

Wusu Municipal Public Security Bureau

February 6, 2018

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