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Adopt a Translation

Adopt A Translation

For the cost of the translation (as indicated in the sidebar on post pages) you can place your organization’s name/logo on that post, AND we will turn off the paywall on that post, giving all users access, no matter how many other pages they’ve viewed.

Just complete the form below and we’ll send you an invoice.

    Our Traffic:

    The specific number of hits to each post is counted at the top, although the numbers only reflect hits beginning in March 2018.

    Our site traffic is relatively small, but uniquely focused on an audience interested in Chinese law and translation. Our traffic includes a wide range of governments, NGOs, law firms, and academics; making the site an ideal place to advertise legal or translation services. We are also routinely linked to by major media organizations.

    2016 (no paywall)2017 (paywall)
    Average Sessions/month:8,48810,100
    Average Uniques/month6,0477,158
    Average Page Views/ Month16,72615,635
    Average Session Duration:1:401:21
    Average Pages/Session 1.971.55

    While CLT’s Audience is primarily from the U.S., mainland China, and Hong Kong, the site attracts a global audience as seen in this traffic map from the preceding year:



    Some information might not be reflected in analytics data, which is why other traffic ranking sites sometimes place us higher. For example, many users, particularly those based in China, block google analytics. The use of VPNs can also skew our geographic tracking.

    *Reserve the right to refuse offers for any reason. We will refuse advertisements with inappropriate or illegal content.

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    CLT 是一个能够让说英语的人群进一步了解中国法律,众包、众筹的法律翻译项目。

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