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Posts published in “Legal News”

中国驻乌克兰前大使高玉生:俄乌战争的走势和对国际秩序的影响 5 (1)

Gao Yusheng, Former Chinese Ambassador to Ukraine: The Trend of the Russian-Ukrainian War and Its Impact on the International Order

中华全国律师协会关于禁止违规炒作案件的规则(试行) 0 (0)

All-China Lawyers Association Rules on Prohibiting the Hyping of Cases in Violation of Rules

关于群众反映的涉及李文亮医生有关情况调查的通报 4.3 (3)

Report on the Investigation Regarding Public Feedback Involving the Circumstances of Dr. Li Wenliang

Terrorizing those who Rent to Uighurs? 0 (0)

Translation of a local government punishment for citizens housing Uyghurs

Credible Threat? Taiwan, websites, and social credit 0 (0)

Addressing the question of whether China’s requests that airlines list Taiwan as part of China are based on Social Credit, and giving an overview of general principles]

关于依法保障律师诉讼权利和规范律师参与庭审活动的通知 0 (0)

Notice on Lawfully Safeguarding Lawyer's Procedural Rights and Regulating Lawyers Participation in Court Hearing Activities