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Getting Started

Welcome to China Law Translate (CLT), a collaborative translation project.

CLT allows many users to translate small pieces of legal texts between Chinese and English, to promote mutual understanding and provide a resource to legal professionals around the world. The sum of these small pieces, contributed in any order or no order at all, gradually creates a completed translation. You can translate as little or as much as you like, or leave comments to discuss the work of others or suggest better translations.

Quick Start: 1. open a post 2. Select Language you want to translate INTO 3. Open Tranlator Mode. 4. Translate



We aim to create complete translations of important Chinese laws and articles, but some of the articles you view may still be incomplete or translated less than fluently. Bear with us, we are a new resource and getting there slowly. If you are able,, help us improve the translations you see!



Translation is Easy with Transposh

1. Open an article, law or regulation from home page.

 2.  Select the Language you wish to translate into.





The ‘edit’ button is only available after you log in.



If nobody has translated this document yet or it is only partially translated, the original language will still display for untranslated portions.

 3. Turn on Translator Mode. When you turn on Translator Mode, the computer may need a moment to think….BE PATIENT!!!
 4. Once the computer has finished, you will see various buttons behind some pieces of text.

tranlation dots.

These buttons come in different colors and have a different meaning:

Violet – Not translated at all

 Yellow – A computer translated it

 Green – A human translated it. Make sure it really needs to change.

Hovering your cursor over the button will show you the original. Clicking it will open it for editing.

 5. Edit!  The editing Panel displays both the original and the translation, and allows you to view BING and GOOGLE machine translations. If you have a roll over dictionary like YouDao running you can use this as well.

You can change the size of the editing panel’s original and destination language fields by dragging the bottom right corner of each field.

translation panel

Editing Panel Features:

  1. Original text
  2.  Destination Language
  3. Save +Go to Previous Segment
  4. Show in Text
  5. Save + Go to Next Segment
  6. Editing History
  7. On-screen Keyboard
  8. Google Suggest
  9. BING Suggest

√ = Give this translation a Green light!

You translated something! Hit the next button (5) to keep going!

ETTIQUETTE: As a general rule, feel free to translate anything with a red or yellow button after it. If it is green, meaning that a human has translated it, you should only correct what is clearly WRONG or a TYPO. Other than this, leave a clear message in the comments, and we’ll make a judgment on it. Translation isn’t easy, and not everyone will always agree. Please be polite.

Finally For the time being, I am letting everyone translate without registration. I hope the internets can surprise me with their courtesy, but we may need to restrict to registered users if people get destructive. I am also starting with only a small number of documents to see if people are interested. Let me know.





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