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Posts published in “Social Credit”

Materials Directly Related to the Social Credit System

失信行为纠正后的信用信息修复管理办法(试行) 4 (1)

Measures on the Management of Credit Information Restoration Following the Correction of Untrustworthy Conduct (Provisional)

中华人民共和国社会信用体系建设法 (向社会公开征求意见稿) 0 (0)

Law of the PRC on the Establishment of the Social Credit System (Draft Released for Solicitation of Public Comments)

科研失信行为调查处理规则 0 (0)

【颁布时间】2022-8-25 【标题】科技部等二十二部门关于印发《科研失信行为调查处理规则》的通知 【发文号】国科发监〔2022〕221号 【失效时间】 【法规来源】[......]Read more

黑龙江省社会信用条例 0 (0)

Heilongjiang Provincial Social Credit Regulations