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The paywall on has been deactivated for the remainder of 2022. The last few years have been trying for many of us, and this seems like the least we can do to make things a little better.

There has never been a greater need to understand China, its laws, and its shifting political aims. The extent of popular misconceptions regarding business, law, and daily life in China remains staggering; and recent restrictions on travel, exchanges, and media have only intensified the challenge of gaining accurate insights. Our project was created with this in mind, in an effort to provide broader access to primary source legal materials from China, and I hope that removing the paywall will further this goal.

I remain committed to the idea that there is much to be learned from wading through the volumes of laws and regulations China releases each year. The good and the bad of China’s policies are often bluntly laid out in their texts if one only takes the time to read them. CLT’s work and mission will continue unchanged.

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