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Posts tagged as “刑诉法”

行政诉讼法 (2015) 0 (0)

Administrative Litigation Law (2015)

NPC Interpretations on Criminal and Criminal Procedure Laws 0 (0)

The NPC clears up a few loose ends in the Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law.... some of the updates are interesting, some are not..... but they are all important if you are trying to understand the law.

SPC, SPP MPS procedural rules for Internet Crimes 0 (0)

Procedural rules for handling difficult cross-regional jurisdictional issues in investigating, prosecuting and trying cybercrimes.

SPC,SPP, MPS Opinion on Pyramid Schemes (11/22/2013) 0 (0)

How do China’s new rules against pyramid schemes violate human rights? The probably don't — at least not any more than other less than crystal clear criminal legislation… Sometimes a rule is just a rule.

Deputy Chief Prosecutor of SPP, Zhu Xiaoqing response on Wrongful Convictions 0 (0)

The SPC's Executive Vice-president, Shen Deyong, made waves saying that for the sake preventing wrongful convictions , it would be better to let an guilty man walk than have an innocent man be punished. The SPP's Deputy-Chief, Zhu Xiaoqing says not on his watch, citing the unrealistic pressures this would put on police and prosecutors, and the unintended ways it would impact their behavior.

Defense Attorneys’ Role in Preventing Wrongfully decided cases. 0 (0)

Vice President of the SPC, Shen Deyong stresses the importance of lawyers.