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最高检第5批指导性案例 0 (0)

SPP Guiding Cases: Set 5

SPC, SPP, MPS, MOJ opinion on punishing sexual abuse of minors (10-23-2013) 0 (0)

Wish it were a happier topic, but law to help solve the problem is a first step. At the same time, while likely well-intentioned, not everything in this opinion is positive. What parts trouble, interest, concern you?

最高检第一批指导性案例 0 (0)

关于印发第一批指导性案例的通知  各省、自治区、直辖市人民检察院,军事检察院,新疆生产建设兵团人民检察院: 经2010年12月15日最高人民检察院第十一届检察委员会第五十三次会议讨论决定,现将施某等17人聚众斗殴案、忻某绑架案和林某徇私舞弊暂予监外执行案等三个案例印发你们,供参考。  [……] Read more