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中华全国律师协会关于禁止违规炒作案件的规则(试行) 0 (0)

All-China Lawyers Association Rules on Prohibiting the Hyping of Cases in Violation of Rules

Opposing Parties? 0 (0)

Three years ago I wrote about new restrictions on the speech and conduct of Chinese lawyers. Leaked revisions of the lawyers’ professional code of con[……] Read more

慈善法(草案) 0 (0)

Charity Law (Draft)

ACLA explanation of reforms to the Lawyers Code of Conduct 0 (0)

 关于《律师执业行为规范》 (修订草案征求意见稿》的说明 一、  修订《律师执业行为规范》的必要性   党的十八届三中全会对加强律师职业道德建设、规范律师执业行为提出了新的更高的要求。  《律师执业行为规范》自2009年12月27 日七届二次理事会修订通过实施以来,在规范律师[……] Read more