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Posts tagged as “counter-espionage law”

Comparison Table of Proposed Revisions for the Counter-Espionage Law Revisions 2023 5 (1)

In 2014, the content of China’s former National Security Law was largely imported into a new Counter-Espionage Law, leaving space for the new National[……] Read more

中华人民共和国反间谍法(修订草案)(二次审议稿) 0 (0)

PRC Counter-Espionage Law (Draft Revisions) (2nd Reading Draft)

Closing Leaks 0 (0)

A discussion of China's newest counter-espionage security measures.

反间谍安全防范工作规定 4 (1)

Provisions on Efforts on Counter-espionage Security Precautions

西藏自治区反间谍安全防范条例 0 (0)

Tibet Autonomous Region Regulations on Counter-espionage Security Precautions

Cheatsheet for new counter-espionage rules 0 (0)

Much of the new implementation rules aims to integrate other laws into the enforcement of the 2014 Counter-espionage Law. A few provisions, however, s[……] Read more