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Posts tagged as “crime”

关于办理恐怖活动和极端主义犯罪案件适用法律若干问题的意见 5 (1)

Opinions on Several Issues on the Application of Law in Cases of Terrorist Activities and Extremism Crimes

网上未成年人犯罪和欺凌事件报道管理 0 (0)

Management of Online Reporting on Juvenile Crime and Bullying Incidents

SPC, SPP, MPS on Violations of Citizens’ Personal Information 0 (0)

最高人民法院、最高人民检察院、公安部关于依法惩处侵害公民个人信息犯罪活动的通知 最高人民法院    最高人民检察院    公安部 公通字[2013]12号   各省、自治区、直辖市高级人民法院,人民检察院,公安厅、局,新疆维吾尔自治区高级人民法院生产建设兵团分院,新疆生产建[……] Read more

NPC Interpretations on Criminal and Criminal Procedure Laws 0 (0)

The NPC clears up a few loose ends in the Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law.... some of the updates are interesting, some are not..... but they are all important if you are trying to understand the law.