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Posts tagged as “death penalty”

关于为死刑复核案件被告人依法提供法律援助的规定(试行) 0 (0)

Provisions on Providing Defendants with Legal Aid During Review of Death Penalty Cases (Provisional)

关于死刑复核及执行程序中保障当事人合法权益的若干规定 0 (0)

Several Provisions on Protection of Parties' Lawful Rights and Interests During Death Penalty Review and Enforcement Procedures

Real Time for Toy Guns– misreporting on the Liu Dawei case? 0 (0)

The case of a teenaged gun enthusiast from Southern China who was given a life sentence for buying replica guns has gone viral on the Chinese and Engl[……] Read more

高院关于办理死刑复核案件听取辩护律师意见的办法 0 (0)

SPC Measures on Hearing Defense Opinions in Final Review Of DP Cases

中华人民共和国刑法修正案(九)(草案) 5 (1)

People's Republic of China Criminal Law Amendment (9)