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Posts tagged as “discipline”

中华人民共和国公职人员政务处分法(草案) 3 (1)

Law on Governmental Sanctions on Public Employees (Draft)

2018年 中国共产党纪律处分条例 0 (0)

2018 Chinese Communist Party Disciplinary Regulations

中华人民共和国监察法 (2018年) 5 (1)

Supervision Law of the PRC (2018)

高检职务犯罪侦查工作八项禁令 0 (0)

SPP's 8 Prohibitions in Investigation of Crimes Abusing Public Office

Global responses to detention of lawyers (MAP) 0 (0)

On July 9, China began a campaign to interrogate, detain and criminally charge a large number of lawyers, their staffs and allies. Most of the alleged[……] Read more