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Posts tagged as “exclusionary rules”

人民法院办理刑事案件排除非法证据规程(试行) 0 (0)

People's Court Rules for Handling the Exclusion of Illegal Evidence in Criminal Cases (Provisional)

Exclusive focus: Why China’s exclusionary rules won’t stop police torture. 0 (0)

China has just released a new document aimed at deterring police abuses by strictly excluding coerced confessions and other illegal evidence from criminal trials.
It won’t work.

关于办理刑事案件严格排除非法证据若干问题的规定 0 (0)

Provisions on Several Issues Regarding the Strict Exclusion of Illegal Evidence in Handling Criminal Cases

US Court Video: Suppression Hearing, Drunk Driving Case 0 (0)

Video of a suppression hearing in a DUI case from Utah in which two witnesses, both police officers, are questioned regarding Reasonable Suspicion for the stop.