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民政部受理境外非政府组织设立代表机构业务主管单位申请工作办法(试行) 0 (0)

Ministry of Civil Affairs' Measures on the Work of Accepting Foreign NGOs' Applications for it to be the professional supervisory unit for Establishment of Representative Offices Professional Supervisory Units (Provisional)"

Links to local FNGO registration resources 0 (0)

This page embeds a public  google doc created by the Yale Paul Tsai Center’s Jacob Clark, which can be updated and modified by anyone @  https://docs.[……] Read more

境外非政府组织设立登记网上操作手册(V 1.0) 0 (0)

Online Operations Manual for Registering Foreign NGOs (V 1.0)

境外非政府组织在中国境内活动领域和项目目录、业务主管单位名录(2017) 0 (0)

Just over 10 days from the date on which China's strict new rules on foreign NGOs take effect, this list of acceptable project activities and appropriate regulatory bodies was finally released. Unfortunately, they didn't have an English version, so we helped out.

4月28日 FNGO Law 新闻发布会 0 (0)

April 28, FNGO Law Press Conference

Bilingual FNGO Law 0 (0)

Please Ensure that you are set to view English to see this chart as Bilingual. Due to the high level of interest in this law, please refrain from mak[......]Read more