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Posts tagged as “judicial independence”

Judging the Judges 0 (0)

In evaluating China's judges, Party loyalty is just as important as work performance

中华人民共和国法官法(修订草案)(二次审议稿) 0 (0)

P.R.C Judges Law (Draft Revisions) (second-reading draft)

最高人民法院关于落实司法责任制完善审判监督管理机制的意见(试行) 0 (0)

Supreme People's Court Opinions on Putting a Judicial Responsibility System in Place and Improving Mechanisms for Trial Oversight and Management (Provisional)

人民法院落实《保护司法人员依法履行法定职责规定》的实施办法 0 (0)

People's Courts' Implementation Measures for "Provisions on Protecting Judicial Personnel in the Lawful Performance of their Duties

Cult Classifications 0 (0)

Chinese criminal law contains the offense of ‘organizing or exploiting cults to undermine the enforcement of law’, but understanding what groups and w[……] Read more