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Posts tagged as “juvenile justice”

NPC Explanation on Juvenile Crime Procedures

China's legislature explains the meaning of special juvenile crime procedures in the revised Criminal Procedure Law. This is a great source of information on legislative intent.

4 points on the Li Tianyi rape case

Li Tianyi, the son of a Chinese general, was sentenced to 10 years for rape. As in any country, the trial excited the public's imagination because of its salacious nature and the insight it offered into the world of privileged celebrity. This article , translated from the Chinese, accurately reflects how the courts explain their verdict to the public, addressing the public's areas of biggest concern.


This is a quick not-quite translation of an article that is full of interesting information about how Beijing is implementing the CPL. I just this very faithful summary in English rather than translate the original, but the increasing amount of skepticism as the article progresses is in the original. There's lots of good things happening, but plenty to work on as well.