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中国新闻工作者职业道德准则 0 (0)

Norms of Professional Ethics for Journalists

互联网新闻信息服务许可管理实施细则 5 (1)

Detailed Rules on the Implementation of Internet News Information Service Licensing

互联网新闻信息服务管理规定 3 (1)

Provisions on Management of Internet News Services

互联网新闻信息服务管理规定 0 (0)

Provisions on Internet News Information Management

Media news management Measures 0 (0)

New rules prevent all those working in the press from disclosing information they learn on the job, including state secrets, commercial secrets and information not yet publicly disclosed.

“If you don’t have anything nice to say….” 0 (0)

A review of new rules restricting the freedom of speech of journalists and Lawyers.