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Posts tagged as “plea leniency”

认罪认罚案件听取意见同步录音录像规定 0 (0)

Provisions on Simultaneous Recording in Hearing Opinions in Plea Leniency Cases

关于规范量刑程序若干问题的意见 0 (0)

Opinions on Several Issues Regarding the Standardization of Sentencing Procedures

法律援助值班律师工作办法 0 (0)

Legal Aid Duty Lawyer Work Measures

法律援助值班律师工作办法(征求意见稿) 0 (0)

Measures for Work on Legal Aid Duty Lawyers (Draft for Solicitation of Comments)

关于适用认罪认罚从宽制度的指导意见 5 (1)

Guiding Opinions on the Use of the Plea Leniency System

中华人民共和国刑事诉讼法(修正草案) 征求意见稿 0 (0)

Criminal Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China (Draft Amendments) (Draft for solicitation of comments)