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Posts tagged as “saohei”

Stability and Control, Inside and Out 0 (0)

Legal reforms in China seek to reinforce the legitimacy of Party rule. Generally, this only means governing successfully, bettering the lives of the m[……] Read more

Saohei and the Draft Organized Crime Law 0 (0)

A look at China's draft law on Countering Organized Crime and the baggage it brings from The Saohei Campaign.

关于律师办理黑恶势力犯罪案件辩护代理工作若干意见 0 (0)

Opinions on Lawyers Handling Defense Representation Work in Cases of Crimes Involving Underworld Forces

新疆乌苏市公安局关于检举揭发黑恶势力的通告 0 (0)

Xinjiang Wusu City Public Security Bureau Notice on Reporting and Revealing Underworld Forces