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Posts tagged as “simplified procedures”

大连市刑事案件认罪认罚从宽制度试点工作实施办法 0 (0)

Dalian Municipal Implementation Regulations for the Pilot Project on the Plea Leniency System for Criminal cases

关于适用普通程序审理“被告人认罪案件”的若干意见(试行) 0 (0)

Several Opinions on the application of ordinary procedures to hear cases in which the defendant admits guilt. (Provisional)

审判为中心的刑事诉讼制度 0 (0)

Trial-centered Criminal Procedure System

关于进一步推进案件繁简分流优化司法资源配置的意见 0 (0)

Opinion on Further Advancing Optimization of Judicial Resources by Distinguishing Complicated and Simple Cases