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SPP Provisions on Commutations and Parole

【发布单位】最高人民检察院【发布文号】【发布日期】2014-07-21【生效日期】2014-07-21【失效日期】【所属类别】司法解释【文件来源】    人民检察院办理减刑、假释案件规定 (2014年7[……] Read more

SPC, SPP, MPS opinion on drunk driving

Drunk driving is a crime, not just an administrative violation, and penalties can be harsh. Thinking of quickly drinking a lot of Baijiu after you got pulled over, so that the cops can't determine if you were drunk when you were actually driving? Think again- this interpretation actually addresses that situation.


When does speech become a crime? Does it matter if one 'speaks' across the internet instead of the mails? How about a telephone?
The SPC and SPP issued this interpretation to try and clarify some of these issues, and the results may surprise you. Be Careful what you say on your information networks, it might be well be defamation, provocation or blackmail.