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Posts tagged as “translation”

中华人民共和国预防未成年人犯罪法(修订草案) 0 (0)

P.R.C. Law on the Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency (Draft Revisions)

中华人民共和国社区矫正法(草案)(二次审议稿) 0 (0)

P.R.C. Community Corrections Law (Draft) (2nd Deliberation Draft)

中华人民共和国未成年人保护法(修订草案) 5 (2)

P.R.C. Law on Protection of Minors (Revision Draft)

Web gets Stickier 0 (0)

A look at recent censorship and content liability rules in China

全国人民代表大会常务委员会关于国家监察委员会制定监察法规的决定 0 (0)

Decision by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on the State Supervision Commission Drafting Supervision Regulations