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Posts published in “Administrative/Regulatory”

A collection of laws related to regulation of industry and commerce. Those with pictures have full translations, those without may still be very close.

关于做好现有线上学科类培训机构由备案改为审批工作的通知 0 (0)

Notice on Changing Filings to Approvals for Existing Online Academic Training Institutions

于进一步加强文艺节目及其人员管理的通知 5 (1)

Notice on Further Strengthening the Management of Cultural Programs and their Staff

禁止网络不正当竞争行为规定 (公开征求意见稿) 0 (0)

Provisions on Prohibited Acts of Unfair Online Competition (Draft for the Solicitation of Comments)

歌舞娱乐场所卡拉OK音乐内容管理暂行规定 0 (0)

Trial Provisions on the Management of Karaoke Content in Song and Dance Venues

市场监督管理行政处罚信息公示规定 0 (0)

Provisions on the Display of Information on Administrative Punishments for Market Regulation

市场监督管理信用修复管理办法 0 (0)

Market Regulation Proeasures on the Management of Credit Restoration