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Posts published in “Civil”

A collection of documents related to disputes between two parties in contract or tort, and the procedures used to resolve them. Items with images have complete translations, others may be close.

预防未成年人犯罪法(2021年版) 5 (1)

Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Law (2021)

中华人民共和国国旗法 (2020年版) 4 (1)

National Flag Law of the PRC

中华人民共和国生物安全法 5 (2)

Biosecurity Law of the P.R.C.

中华人民共和国未成年人保护法 (2020年版) 0 (0)

Law of the P.R.C. on the Protection of Minors (2020 Edition)

关于依法办理“碰瓷”违法犯罪案件的指导意见 5 (1)

Guiding Opinions on Handling Cases of "Eggshell Extortion" Violations and Crimes