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Posts published in “Criminal Law”

A collection of documents related to criminal law and procedure. Those with images have completed translations and others may be close.

Criminal Law of the PRC 2011 (including 8th Amendment)

中华人民共和国刑法(2011年修正)       【颁布单位】全国人大常委会                        【颁布时间】2011-02-25 【生效时间】1980-01-01                            【时效性】已修正   中[……] Read more


This is a quick not-quite translation of an article that is full of interesting information about how Beijing is implementing the CPL. I just this very faithful summary in English rather than translate the original, but the increasing amount of skepticism as the article progresses is in the original. There's lots of good things happening, but plenty to work on as well.


When does speech become a crime? Does it matter if one 'speaks' across the internet instead of the mails? How about a telephone?
The SPC and SPP issued this interpretation to try and clarify some of these issues, and the results may surprise you. Be Careful what you say on your information networks, it might be well be defamation, provocation or blackmail.

The SPC and SPP Interpretation on Criminal Food Safety Cases

最高人民法院、最高人民检察院关于办理危害食品安全刑事案件适用法律若干问题的解释     《最高人民法院、最高人民检察院关于办理危害食品安全刑事案件适用法律若干问题的解释》已于2013年4月28日由最高人民法院审判委员会第1576次会议、2013年4月28日由最高人民检察院第十二届检察委员会第5[……] Read more