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Posts published in “US Law”

大声谈章莹颖案中的沉默权 0 (0)

Speaking up about the right to remain silent in the Zhang Yingying Case

US Court Video: Suppression Hearing, Drunk Driving Case 0 (0)

Video of a suppression hearing in a DUI case from Utah in which two witnesses, both police officers, are questioned regarding Reasonable Suspicion for the stop.

Constitution of the United States of America 0 (0)

  [Text in blue has been superseded by amendments.] Preamble We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establ[……] Read more

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 0 (0)

[As of July 22, 2004] Anti-Bribery and Books & Records Provisions of  The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act  Current through Pub. L. 105-366 (Novembe[……] Read more