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Posts published in “CLT Originals”

Original articles on Chinese law written by the CLT Community

XJ Education Centers Exist, but does their legal basis? 0 (0)

A review of the Xinjiang Education centers before the de-extremefication measures were revised- a move that did not resolve the issue.

Terrorizing those who Rent to Uighurs? 0 (0)

Translation of a local government punishment for citizens housing Uyghurs

Credible Threat? Taiwan, websites, and social credit 0 (0)

Addressing the question of whether China’s requests that airlines list Taiwan as part of China are based on Social Credit, and giving an overview of general principles]

Interview with BBC Business Daily on Social Credit 0 (0)

Jeremy Daum on the BBC talking about Social Credit

Plea Leniency Pilot Overview 0 (0)

*  This article was created with invaluable research assistance from Yiqin Fu.  Table of Contents Plea Bargaining with Chinese Characteristics[……] Read more

The redlists are coming! The blacklists are coming! 0 (0)

A concise articulation of the principle operational mechanism of Social Credit, industry-specific blacklists