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Posts published in “CLT Originals”

Original articles on Chinese law written by the CLT Community

Who did China ban from flying? 0 (0)

A look at the specific grounds for being banned from air travel under social credit, and discussion of social credit joint-enforcement penalties generally

Giving Credit 3: Inputs and Outputs 0 (0)

A thorough discussion of what information is collected in Social Credit and how it is used, by looking again at the 4 locations with Social Credit Regulations]

Midterm Report on Plea Leniency Pilots. [CORRECTED] 0 (0)

Midterm Report on Plea Leniency Pilots. [CORRECTED]

“Map” of the 2014-2020 Social Credit Plan 0 (0)

An organized chart summarizing the guiding document on Social Credit, identifying where blacklists are mandated and what industries are targeted]

China through a glass, darkly 5 (7)

A popular overview and discussion of the most common misconceptions in China's social credit system.

Giving Credit 2: Carrots and Sticks 0 (0)

A thorough discussion of rewards and punishments in the 4 locations that have fully functional Social Credit Regulations