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Beyond Black Mirror – China’s Social Credit System – re:publica 2019

The Chinese social credit system has been a widely discussed, charged, and controversial global topic often portrayed as the realization of Orwell`s “1984” or a Black Mirror episode. But both inside and outside of China, understandings concerning the system are far from perfect. One year ahead of its official implementation, we take a closer look at what it is and what it will look like, as our group of experts set out to debunk some of the biggest myths concerning the system. […]

CLT Originals

Getting Rongcheng Right 5 (1)

2019/03/29 Jeremy Daum 0

The city of Rongcheng is one of the areas in China that has established a social credit ‘score’ system, actually giving out points on the basis of ‘trustworthy’, and ‘untrustworthy’, conduct. In fact, Rongcheng is […]

CLT Originals

Easy as ABC

2018/10/07 Jeremy Daum 5

A brief look at the interesting story of Liu Hu, a reporter who was NOT stopped from flying due to a low credit score, despite what less careful journalists have said about him. […]

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