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Sorting the security laws. 5 (1)

2020/09/15 Jeremy Daum 0

There has been some confusion about how new national security legislation pushed through in Hong Kong (HKNSL) relates to mainland China’s National Security Law (NSL) and other legislation. A number of people have asked me to compare the two ‘National Security Laws’, but they are sufficiently different in character that a direct comparison might not make sense.

CLT Originals

Was the Dang Dang Case a Successful Transgender Discrimination Lawsuit? 5 (1)

2020/09/15 Darius Longarino 3

In January, a Beijing intermediate court handed down a powerfully-worded decision affirming a trial court’s ruling that e-commerce giant Dang Dang had illegally fired a transwoman employee, “Gao X.” Observers (including myself) have referred to the lawsuit as a successful “transgender discrimination case,” but while the case is a major advocacy victory against discrimination, this phrasing doesn’t accurately describe the legal holding.

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